Does Your Hair Color Fade Too Fast?

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

It can be very frustrating when you pay to get your hair colored just to watch it fade out too quickly. Well, let’s discuss the top three reasons why color fades and how I can help!           



When it comes to hair color your shampoo matters most. Permanent hair color is meant to last 4-6 weeks. Try washing your hair every other day and use lukewarm water to rinse. I recommend using Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs, Intense or Bodifying shampoo, this has a damage cure and vibrant color complex technology. Dry shampoo spray, which is called fresh effect, on those in-between days. This product will combat oily scalp while adding texture. Your drug store and non-professional shampoos will more than likely contain sulfates. Sulfates strip dirt and oil from your hair but they will also strip your color. Sulfates can also lead to unwanted scalp irritations. All of their shampoos are 100% sulfate-free, with no dyes, or synthetics, leaving your hair color shiny and vibrant.



Use your hot tools with heat protection. All the hair trends now are showing beach waves, textured curls, or sleek straight styles. Unfortunately using these curling irons and flat irons without heat protection will lead to color fade. I recommend investing in a heat protection spray like Eufora’s Thermal Defense Prep. This product will not only provide thermal protection, but it detangles, add moisture, and leaves hair soft and shiny.



Eufora’s color-locking system is using Sculpture and Illuminate to work together to immediately and completely close the cuticle, seal the follicle, and lock in color to protect against heat styling. Extends the life of color up to 30% longer.


Eufora Hair Products











Your brilliant-colored hair deserves to have a stunning shine and a silky-smooth texture as promised by me, your stylist. Try these steps and products to longer-lasting hair color.


All Eufora products are:

  • Made in the USA
  • No butane and propane- they use pressurized air
  • No aqua to dilute- its concentrated to use less
  • Organic aloe


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