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Why is it Important to Use a PH Balanced Shampoo?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The hardest thing about buying a shampoo is the fact that there are SO many options. There is typically an entire aisle devoted to shampoos and conditioners at both the grocery store and the drug store. Then, there are pricier haircare products available at salons and beauty supply stores. How can you narrow down the options and select the shampoo that is good for your hair and makes you look your very best every day? First and foremost, most stylists and other haircare professionals agree that you should use a PH balanced shampoo. At Brush Salon and Spa, the premier salon in Washington Twp. MI, we offer a great selection of Eufora PH balanced shampoos because we care deeply about the overall health and appearance of your hair.

Why Brush Salon and Spa Encourages Clients to Use PH Balanced Shampoos

The PH level of something refers to how acidic or alkaline it is. For example, lemon juice is very acidic (around 2.0 on the PH scale) and baking soda is very alkaline (9 on the PH scale). Human hair, on the other hand, falls at about a 5 on the PH scale, so it is “PH balanced,” but slightly acidic. Therefore, it stands to reason that PH balanced air responds favorably to other PH balanced substances.

When you use a high-quality PH balanced shampoo you effectively protect your cuticles. Unfortunately, to many shampoos on the market, today are way too strong in alkaline and cause cuticles to open, exposing hair to damage. However, by using Eufora’s PH balanced shampoo that is slightly acidic, you can keep your cuticles closed and your hair protected. Plus, Eufora PH balanced shampoo also protects your color from fading and keeps it looking fresher longer.

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